Full Integration


Full Integration coaching is perfect for highly stressed athletes. Whether your stress is derived from work, family or your ambition to excel at triathlons, Full Integration coaching will make the most of the time you have available to train. Your progress will be monitored daily and training plans will be modified to accommodate unpredicted time constraints in less than 24 hours.

Your Endurance Concepts coach will identify your key limiters using proven, scientific methodologies. Using your goals for the season, key limiters and time constraints, your personalized Annual Training Plan will be developed to guide your progress.

Whether you chose to train using heart rate, pace, or RPE as a guide, your coach will program workouts to make your workouts functional and challenging using the industry-leading TrainingPeaks software.  If you are a highly motivated athlete who chooses to train with power, contact your coach to find out more about the option for power coaching.

  • Annual Training Plan (ATP) that is updated as necessary thought the season

  • Personalized Training Plan Developed Weekly

  • Unlimited Access to Your Coach for Plan Updates

  • For A races (2/year) a detailed written plan delivered race week

  • For B races a written race strategy will be placed in TrainingPeaks outlining the race details

  • For any other race, discussions with your coach to determine what specifically to focus on during the race

  • Daily Workout Email Reminders

  • Every saved TrainingPeaks workout will be received and reviewed by your coach

  • HR Zone and Power Testing will establish your training parameters.  Zones will be adjusted and verified as necessary.  Your coach will also place these into your TrainingPeaks account for you.

  • Communication is both athlete and coach driven through TrainingPeaks updates, e-mails or text messages

  • Your progress will be monitored daily and training plans will be modified to accommodate unpredicted time constraints in less than 24 hours

  • Access to all TeamEC discounts and Sponsor sales

Costs: $175 – $325 per month, $150 start-up fee

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If you’re interested in working with Teach EC, booking a call is the next step because we like to get on the phone with each athlete to get to know them, understand their goals & answer any questions they may have before having them sign up.

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