Cody elder

Over the past decade, Cody has served the triathlon community as coach, mentor, race director, fitter, bad joke teller and athlete. He has coached Ironman and Ultraman finishers, numerous USA Triathlon All-Americans, the Georgia Tech Triathlon Team and 2016 USA Triathlon’s Male Athlete of the Year.

Cody dove into triathlon after being a 4-year, Division-1 place kicker and punter at Davidson College. Getting back to his high school roots in competitive swimming and track, he quickly found a deep infatuation with short course racing and training. This excitement helped drive a pursuit of knowledge that led him directly into coaching.

In 2017, Cody was asked by USA Triathlon to join a group of 5 top national coaches to undergo their Elite Coaching Mentorship Program. Cody spent a week in Colorado Springs observing the US’s top pipeline of future Olympic talent and learning what goes into their day to day regimen and sets them and their coaches apart as world class.

After taking over ownership of Endurance Concepts in 2018, Cody set out to work with long-time EC coaches to reinvigorate the core spirit of what the brand meant to so many in the southeast and usher in a new wave of athletes into the sport.

As a coach, Cody focuses first and foremost on the athlete’s individual situation. What motivates them? What limits their time? What inhibits their recovery? What will take them to the next level? All of this is achieved over regular feedback and dialogue between coach and athlete.

Cody is currently accepting long-term athletes with dedicated goals and an open mind to new approaches to their training.

Meet Coach Cody

  • USA Triathlon Level 2 Certified Coach

  • FIST Certified Fitter

  • Multiple Overall wins in Multisport competition

  • Course Duathlon Record Holder at Tri The Parks: Blalock Lakes

  • Named Division-1 FCS National Special Teams Player of the Week while at Davidson


  • Static Integration: $150 Setup Fee - $250 / month

  • Full Integration: $150 Setup Fee - $325 / month

  • Customized Plans: Inquire for details